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Ladies and Gentlemen-

Don’t miss it! After having spent the last several years spreading their rock/salsa gospel to the good people of South America balanced precariously atop the seat of their single 1951 Norton 500, “The Mighty One”, nearly all eight original members of Los Borrachos make their triumphant return to Martyrs Saturday for one night only. Be there to see death-defying acts of salsafication as Lost Borrachos transmogrify 70’s rock classics like ‘Smoke on the Water’ into a bossa nova or ‘Paint it Black’ into a tango! Thrill to their musical acuity as Los Borrachos once again wrestle their own dwindling brain cells during “Stump the Borrachos*”! Whirl with reckless abandon to the sort of irrepressible musicianship that the Chicago Tribune lauds as ‘a gimmick’ and the Sun Times hails as ‘actually good’!

Los Borrachos w/ The Drastics
Saturday, June 18th 10pm
Martyrs - 3855 N Lincoln **

I’m begging you.
Octavio Borracho

* Los Borrachos will not accept nor dignify by performing requests for any of the following: The Smiths, Morrisey, any tune even loosely categorized as Swedish hip hop or something that someone requested at Midge Dinou’s birthday party a couple weeks ago that I can’t remember at the moment but, believe me, it was dumb. Attempts to “Stump the Borrachos” with any of these requests will NOT result in Los Borrachos purchasing a shot for you or any of your obviously dumb friends.

** For employees of thinkorswim, this is actually a chance to see Woody and I in a real, live band together. We didn’t just make up that stuff about being musicians although this show might not prove it