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I love tech support

So I had to run, because someone had a CD stuck in the computer, and it was making bad sounds.
I go there, force eject the CD, which was still spinning, which causes it to go off track. This is bad cause now I have to open the computer.
I ask the person, "What kind of CD is this?"
Them: "Music, someone just burned it for me."
Me: "Well who burned it?" Wondering if it was made here or somewhere else. Maybe I have 2 machines that need fixing.
Them: "Umm, I don't want to say."
Shut down machine, unplug everything, pull out computer from under desk, notice various stains and copious dust bunnies. Carry machine at arms length back to desk. Open, remove CD drive, extract bad CD, replace drive, button machine back up, carry machine at arms length back to person.
Them: "So it's fixed?"
Me: "Yes. Don't use this CD anymore."
Them: "So it's fixed?"
Me: "Umm, yes. But the CD is bad."
Them: "Cool, thanks. I'll go try it in another computer."
Me: "No please."
Them: "Why not?"
Me: "Cause I have lots of things to do today & I don't want to be fixing CD drives all morning."
Them: "So what's wrong with the CD?"
Me: "This was a burned music CD?"
Them: "Umm..., Can I try it on this machine again?"

walk away, just walk away...