I'm just a little cleavage monkey


So I started my new job…

And so far it consisted of a week of training peppered with liberal amounts of drink and food in San Francisco. I went out to get my Xinet training, and to meet my new collegues.

I'm really digging the new job since it means I get to continue to help folks out and I get to do so across many different companies. On top of all that I get to work from home.

My new boss was going to take me with him out to Cupertino to meet some folks and shop at the employee Apple store, but there was a miscommunication and I didn't get to go. While this is disappointing, I will get another chance again and besides, he brought back 2 t-shirts for my girlies.
Not only do they have the Apple logo on the back, but the mini type on the front. And they are not available anywhere else. I dressed them both (Uberelder's is blue,) and took them to Fry's. I'm a proud daddy.

So all in all, a good week.