I'm just a little cleavage monkey


So I cleaned out the garage....

at 12 am in my pj's. Yes there was whiskey
involved, but only a few.

I put away all the summer toys.

Bikes, tricycles, roller skates, Fisher Price car (I never liked the idea of electric powered vehicles for my kids,) old Forth of July and summer decorations, chalk and inflatable pool were all put to bed for the winter or put to rest forever. I swept the floor and broke down all the boxes ($300 worth of Market Day makes for a lot of boxes. I also hid the car inside the garage (she'll call and wonder why someone would steal our car.)


Because I have to talk with my boss tomorrow. I'm not entirely sure how I'll state things, but I am confident he'll understand.

He's a Dad too.

Jobs and Disney back together (but not Eisner.)

Despite ending it's distribution deal with Disney, Steve Jobs decided that Apple should partner with them to offer VOD (video on demand,) in the new iPod.
This is the sneaker bomb.
Rumors of video capabilities had been floating around for a while, and that's where the attention is directed. But what about opening up (again,) a whole new market? Comcast and other cable providers have been making money with VOD, but it wasn't the cash cow that analysts had hoped it would be. Issues from time to download, to cost to ease of use have kept the cable companies from making serious inroads to middle America.

But Apple has caché and a reputation inciting others to follow, and Disney owns property and a lot of property at that. Hell in Chicago alone they own 4 radio stations and 1 tv station.

They also partially own TiVo.

So, lets distill it down;
VOD - unfulfilled yet cool concept
Jobs - geek visionary whether you agree with him or not
Apple - running hot with control of markets they have targeted
Pixar - Fantastic family movies and obvious tie ins with Apple
Disney - Uber-Co with content out the wazoo and new non-Eisner CEO
TiVo - Commanding Market share

Motley Fool, Big Picture, and lots of others are revving up the pundit machine, myself included.

Maybe the iPod will get bigger to accommodate a larger screen. I'll be content to just wait and see.