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the ring shot

I did wedding photography for 8-9 years about 20 years ago. It is often dirty, sweaty, exhausting work that is not always appreciated. There was a lot to not like about the job. Many 14 hour shifts included scarfing McDonalds in the car between the wedding and the reception because not every couple feeds you. Or working Friday afternoon thru late Sunday evening in a tuxedo on hot summer weekends. It was good money, but I didn't have a passion for it. But what really drove me away was that it was not rewarding enough to make up for the dichotomy between another day on the job for me, and a lifetime milestone for the clients.

Thankfully some photographers can get over that, as evidenced by my brothers wedding. The photog's name was Michael, & he geeked out with me early on, as I confessed my previous career to him. When someone gets passionate about their job, it's easy, and he was passionate. I won't go into all the gory details about the wedding, but above is the traditional ring shot. Well maybe not quite that traditional.