I'm just a little cleavage monkey


Doctor Sardonic will be my theme today

Blatantly stolen list


10. "Unleashing the Doombots"

9. "Ruling the kingdom with an iron fist"

8. "Extending the power of Doom"

7. "Mastering the diabolical"

6. "Allying with the Sub-Mariner"

5. "Demanding total, blind obedience"

4. "Incurring the wrath of Doom"

3. "Penetrating the invisible force field"

2. "Paying for this effrontery a thousandfold"

And Doctor Sardonic's number one euphemism for sex:

1. "Besting the accursed Richards"

News Flash

First reported by Sysm, the continuing story of the abonimal Doctor's secret escape has taken a turn for the worse. Seems that instead of landing in the predesignated area, he instead has ended up in a tear in the time space fabric. Show below is the arrival picture taken with the two matriarchs of the island. The second picture is after a quick jet lag induced nap. Yes those are the same two ladies. And you may notice that they have glued the Dr's eyes shut before sprinkling benzene all over him.
Whatever your opinion of him might be, that surely is an awful way to go.