I'm just a little cleavage monkey



I'm not a world traveler. I don't have several hundred-thousand miles to spend at will. What I do have is a sense of humor and a limited amount of patience.

Friday afternoon getting back from NY to ORD is always a royal pain in the ass. First you have the shift change amongst cabbies starting at 4..., pm..., on a Friday..., in New York Fucking City. City that never sleeps, my ass. You cannot catch a cab after 4pm on the island. They might not actually sleep, but cat naps are frequent and un-opportune.
Second is the whole "second-city bullshit" I never see as many folks on stand by as I do on a Friday afternoon trying to leave LGA or JFK for ORD. SFO - room, LA - room, DFW - room, ORD - wait in line. They might group us with the fly-over states, but every motherfucker is trying to get to Chicago tonight. Seriously, 75 people on stand by. I was 17 in that list and glad for it. That meant I had to only wait 2 flights to get back. (Super Secret Squirrel Tactic here; ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS book the later flight. Think you might make the 5pm? Book the 8pm instead. It is much easier to fly standby on an earlier flight than to fly standby on a later flight. They actually spit on your face when you try to catch a later flight.)
Third is the practice of making my nicotine addicted ass sit on the tarmac for an hour. Excuse me but I planned my trip through security, through stand by, the fight itself, and then the ordeal of dealing with ignorant white trash (couldn't catch a SouthWest flight,) trash who won't GET OUT OF MY WAY, to include a smoke at strategic intervals so I wouldn't have to put up with your bullshit and jones like a 5 dollar whore at 10 am looking for one more trick, let along the idea of sitting next to an overweight, hummel-lovin, French-country, double-wide ass, self proclaimed suburban living yet "urban-savvy" b-i-t-c-h, who insists, mind you INSISTS that she knows the best restaurant in the world and it's (Oh my God I can hardly believe it,) the very same suburb she lives in.

Slap me in the ass and call me Sally.

get me lost in iPod and MosDef, or RadioHead, Miles or Pixes. No just Pixes, at max volume. I've had enough....end of rant

Wait is that Moline, Rockford, Are we descending?! Love you all!

images from LGA

portable workstation.

I just wanna get home.

I heart NY

I'm gonna start my own subversive campaign to offset the bad rap New Yorkers have about being rude. I think they might just have a bad start to most days and this carries through their day. If you walked out of your house and had to endure the garbage on the street, horns honking and congestion, your mood might be a bit dark too.

I watched a white woman stop and pick up an empty bag of chips that somebody had left on the stairs down into the subway. I thought this was a bit odd, but very nice of her. I ran into her on the other-side of the turnstiles after she had tossed the bag away.
I told her "You'll have good Karma today."
"Why?" she asked
"Because you threw away that garbage which somebody else might've slipped on."
She smiled in thanks

When I got to Union Square and walked up the stairs, I watched a big black guy slip (on a plastic bag,) and catch himself just before he fell.
"Are you alright?" I asked knowing full well I might get a New York response for my efforts.
Instead he smiled and laughed. "I'm ok."
"The rest of your Friday is going to be perfect now that you got that out of your way."
He continued laughing as we walked in separate directions.

Pics from Union Square.