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Perseverance (part 2)

First a clarification, this was a Saturday, not a Sunday. She of course remembered that the real parade is always on Sunday on the South Side, and the political, fakey parade is always downtown on Saturday. I forgot this very fact 8 years ago, but I'll get to that shortly.

So I left off with a rescued cat, and a previously less fortunate friend. I quickly got cleaned up and ran outside to get my brothers car to go pick her up. My bother was driving a Fox, which was in bad shape. Opening the door required the use of pliers, since the handle was broken. Once inside, seeing the concrete chunks, tools and dirty clothes, I realized there was no way I could hope to woo her in this pile of crap.

Ran back upstairs, called Enterprise. Yes they have a car for me, but not at the nearest place, can I go to the one downtown?

Sure, sure.

Call her and explain that I'm running a bit late but I have a good story and please forgive me.

Jump in a cab and head downtown.

Traffic seemed especially bad once we got into the Loop. Eventually coming to a complete stop. I told the cabbie this was close enough & I'd walk the next 4 blocks.

He didn't have change for a twenty.

Run to restaurant, plead with hostess to give me change despite sign on register saying they don't give out change.

Pay cabbie and start hot footing it across the loop into the sea of stalled traffic. Even the sidewalks were jammed too, and then I remembered, this was St. Patrick's day weekend. The parade was blocking me from reaching the Enterprise location.

Apologetically push my way past the crowd, past barriers, across the parade itself, past barriers on the other side, and past the crowd. 2 blocks later I'm sweating but at the location.

Sign papers and ask lady behind the counter if I can use their phone. Call her and explain that I'm now really late and please forgive me but I have really good stories now, and please forgive me...

She does, and still does on a regular basis.

And yes I told her everything, even the story about the cat. I wavered on that the whole way to her place. It's not the most romantic thing to tell a sweetheart, but today's cat was saved. There was nothing I could do for the other. Better to start off the relationship with a full disclosure than a lie. I'm not smart enough to keep track of lies. My ignorance keeps me honest.

Oh, after the date, which I'll cover some other time (yes it went well,) I had to go to a bachelorette party featuring a 350 pound man wearing a leotard.