I'm just a little cleavage monkey


Longer version

We had been playing in the waterpark for a couple of hours. Girlies go up, Daddy waits at the bottom and catches them upon exiting the tube.

I heard a bump, and then a scream all the way down the tube slide. Elder emerges with blood all over her forehead. I grab her and plug the hole in her forehead with my thumb. I wait for the younger to make her appearance, and ask a grandfatherly looking guy to take younger. I carry elder, with my thumb planted in her forehead to the arcade where the only working employee seems to reside.

I tell him that she's been hurt (evidenced by the blood all over my bare chest,) and to call an ambulance. He then procedes to pull out the first aid kit with bandages. I firmly tell him again to call 911 and then get the front desk. Ubie was up getting a facial/pedicure and I needed this kid to get her out of the spa.

Other kids are lurking, but some of the older boys give her a skee-ball earned stuffed bear. And then they go and get some towels to cover her and to plug the bleeder.

Ubie shows up, as do the EMT's. They examine her, no loss of consiousness, no blurred vision, she knows that she's in the Dell's etc... But they strap her to a neck board anyway to be safe. Ubie brings me a pair of flip flops and a sweatshirt for the ride to the hospital.

Elder gets several sitches and is currently making a full recovery.