I'm just a little cleavage monkey


glad to be home

Things that struck me as poetic, even though they weren't necessarily.

Crossing Madison @ 45th in Midtown and getting seriously emotional, very misty-eyed. Younger had told me that if I loved her, I'd come home. It took 2 more days before I could.

O'Hare at night always makes me happy because I'm home. Flying in you get to see the "grid" of Chicago. It's immense and sudden if you come in from the east. All black lake then, pow! Christmas lights to the horizon.

Leaving the airport and seeing the lights from the planes all lined up as I pass the last runway. Strung out like lights on a mast.

Girlie goodness draped over me like pelts. Warm, soft and very very comforting. I was home for like 20 minutes before I even took off my winter jacket.