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Eight immutable laws of IT support.

If you are moving new equipment, someone will say "Yeah, my office is right over there," or "Can you just put that in my car?"

People never look under their desks. If they did, they would be ashamed at the amont of dust bunnies, tissues and other shit that we must navigate to plug equipment in.

If someone starts with "I have a stupid question...", it rarely is a stupid question. The inverse holds true as well, unfortunately.

You will have a head nodding relationship with the cleaning crew, building maintence, mailroom guys and the reprographic department due to the fact that you all push carts around for a living (at least part time.)

You have keys, passwords and information that someone at your payscale has no business being in possession of.

You know who is on the porn list, and why.

Unless there are other IT workers in your family, you get all the calls about everyone's home machines.

The most infected machine will be the one belonging to the CEO's child. ("Can you just take a quick look at this? Johnny seems to be having some problems.")