I'm just a little cleavage monkey


Confession, I steal cell phones

Well, I don't actually steal them, I just move them. If someone here at work leaves their cellphone at their desk and then disappears for an hour or so while the over-possessive girlfriend keeps calling every 5 minutes and activating the effing "Dukes of Hazzard" ring tone, I can't be held responsible.

I think this operates along the same idea as the chinese water torture. While it doesn't sound nearly as bad as pulling out fingernails, over the course of time it can push somebody over the edge, (especially if they were already precariously balanced to begin with.)

I'm glad for you, really I am. I see you walking down the street, white earbuds, yapping into your Razor, and POW! the techno kid strikes again.

And yes, I suffer from technolust too. And Father's Day is just around the corner.