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Street Justice

Übermilf's comment about my preference for street justice reminded me of another story.

I was a Boy Scout, and proud of it (until I turned sixteen and got a license.) Every year we would go up to Camp Owasippe for two weeks, hike, earn merit badges, swim and play practical jokes on each other. The practical jokes usually involved getting into camouflage and carrying some sleeping camper and his cot quietly out into the middle of the forest. Either they woke up shortly because the bugs were eating them alive, or they would wake up with the sun. It was much preferable to sleep until morning, wake gently with the forest and haul your cot back for breakfast. Some guys didn't look at it that way and would yell and scream and drag their bed back in the darkness hopefully towards the camp.

We had little guys that were about 10 years old and we would only take them to the edge of our camp. We based the severity of the prank on the age, and how deserving they were of an attitude adjustment. One scoutmaster swore he would get retribution if anyone every tried to carry him out of his tent. We just took the whole tent instead, and left him sleeping.

When one of the little guys came back to camp in tears after archery practice the first week, we got protective. This little guy was our plebe, and one of the counselors took it upon himself to tease him for being fat with glasses. We told him to speak as a man and tell the counselor that that was not how he should be treating the kids.

Next day comes and the little guy comes back into camp with his shirt stained with mud and tears down his cheeks. This is supposed to be fun and some counselor was making this kids life miserable. He was a good kid too, put up with the razzing we gave him, and did his work well.

Some of the other guys were storming off to go beat up this guy and I had an idea. I called them back and convinced them to wait until tonight when we would set things straight.

That night, after everyone had gone to bed and the fire had been put out, four of us got ready. Full camo with face masks, two flashlights, a idea of where this guy slept, and a simple plan was what we left with. The counselor slept in a cabin alone, rather than with the rest of the counselors. We crept in, surrounded his bed, and started screaming at him. He woke with a start and the flashlights we kept in his face showed us his fear. We explained to him that he was not allowed to harass the kids, and if we heard of any more trouble, we would be back.

Nobody touched him, or threatened him with violence. Still he peed his bed, and left the camp two days later.

Sadly, Owasippe is slated to close.