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A proper holiday tradition

Milfie and I took the girlies off for what will become our holiday tradition. Since they slept the whole ride home and are still slepping, I guess they liked it. We decked them out in black patent leather shoes, white tights and jumpers under their 20 year old pink fake fur sunday coats. The looked the part for a cosmopolitian winter outing.

We started with a walk through Marshal Fields complete with a stop at the candy counter. Then up to the 8th floor to get a good look at the tree in the Walnut room (the food really isn't so hot, so we just look.) Then downstairs for a bit of shopping.

After that, the windows.

I loved the fact that while I'm grumbling at the wrinkled, German, male couple who are standing right in front of the windows, my girlies push their way past these buffons and up close enough to park their noses on the glass.

And then, lunch.

I had a plate of sausages that would make Dr. Sardonic blush, while my wife enjoyed creamed spinach, potatoe pancakes and sauerbraten.

I let the elder hail a cab for the 4 block ride back to the car (I wasn't carrying them anymore.)

All in all, a very enjoyable morning.

P.S. after I posted this, I learned that the venerable Bergoff is closing. Since they have held the #1 liquor license since prohibition ended, I wonder who will take that honor? Also, why don't any of their children want to take it over?