I'm just a little cleavage monkey


We enjoy parties...

Even the cleaning up part.
I was glad my Ma came back for cards tonight. Often she is off to pull a second shift or to get sleep for one, instead tonight she came back.

Milfie and I have always had more than our share of parties. While she gets tense beforehand, it's relatively minor, and she's a freaking fantastic hosteses. So overall, it balances out to a good time for everyone. There's 24-48 hours of planning and cleanining, about 30 seconds of party, and then a minor 2-3 hours of post-party cleaning. But the post-party cleaning is while I'm riding high on Whiskey and coffee. So if she asked, I'd clean the fucking gutters.

I'm just happy.
She is a beautiful and loving wife, and we have 2 beautiful and loving girlies.

What more do you need?