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I finally found a bit of flavor in LA

I hate LA. The monotonous neighborhoods, the crappy food, the traffic all combine to make this town a dreaded destination for me. But yesterday I found something, something good. Since I was onsite with a customer, I offered to take him to lunch. As we mulled local options, a co-worker suggested a place called the "Oinkster." The customer was lukewarm about it since he'd only been there once, but I was intrigued, so we went.

As we pulled up, I saw a road sign with a three words that sealed the deal, "slow fast food." Once inside I ordered the special, a Oinkster Pastrami with Gruyere cheese, caramelized onion and red cabbage slaw. It was served alongside Belgian style fries with a garlic mayo dipping sauce. That was a damn fine lunch. Now all I have to do is find 8 equally fantastic meals before the week is over.