I'm just a little cleavage monkey


I read the comics backwards

I don't speak of my father very much mostly because there isn't much I can talk about, especially with my children. I haven't spoken with him in over 15 years and with my girls, lets just say that my job is to protect them. So the subject of my father is never initiated by me.
But Elder was asking about uncles and aunts and the relationships between sisters and brothers and how that eventually plays into aunts and uncles. So after we exhausted my brother and sisters and Ubies bother and sisters, we got on to my uncles and aunts. I explained how my father had only one brother. And how he died when I was little. I got a bit teary eyed. The man has been dead for 30 years, but he treated me so well and always was so loving to me. I still get a bit emotional thinking about him playing guitar for me or buying me an erector set on Maxwell street. To this day I always read the comic page backwards because i saw him do it once.
In addition to his death, visiting his apartment where he killed himself so soon after they found his body, remain today as influences on my life.
If i do nothing else, i will consider my life well spent if my girls think of me fondly as a good daddy. Is that too much to ask?