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Working @ home

While everyone commented on my recent job switch as a chance to wear my "Jack-A-Lope" slippers more often, the truth was really the other end of the spectrum.

Instead of working less, I was working much more. With the office only steps away, it was hard to not check email and do "just one more thing" ad infinitum. And not just weekdays, weekends too. And since I was working from home, I felt compelled to produce more than I would have usually.

Yesterday I figured it out. At 8:30 am, I kissed my wife goodbye, walked down the hall and went to work. I came out at 11:30 to have lunch with the girls and then went back in for another 5 hours or so until 5:30.
I was productive, and I still got to have more time with the girlies.

I think I'll get to like this.

P.S. it's like 30 degrees here in Chicago so the commute rocks as well.

Frozen turkey saves life

Really, the frozen turkey did what the man couldn't.